NHS Talent Show

From singing to dancing to synchronized swimming, the NHS Talent Show had 20 acts – achieving the organizers’ goal of gaining more participation and attendance.

“I’m really happy with the turnout,” NHS president Tori Thomas said. “I think all of the acts did a great job at showcasing how talented West really is!”

The talent show fundraiser benefitted the Wounded Warrior Project – an organization that helps thousands of wounded warriors and their families, as they return home from current conflicts. Over $2,000 was raised from ticket and concession sales for the Project.

There were three judges who evaluated each act and eventually determined the final results: European history teacher, Scott Dory; associate principal, Erica Warren; and veteran, Nick Erickson. In the end, there was a tie for second place between sophomore Marquito Jenkins, who danced to “Below Sea Level”, and the trio of juniors Chris Witzgall, Logan Crapser, and Quin Wallace, who performed a jazz piece.

The first place winner was senior Jaci DeSordi who sang “House of the Rising Sun.”