Viking Inspiration: Christian Perez

Ethan Brewer, Reporter


I had the chance to talk to junior, Christian Perez about who inspires him.

Ethan Brewer: Who inspires you?

Christian Perez: My mom.

EB: Why your mom?

CP: Because, she didn’t have the easiest life as a kid.

EB: Do you this the way your mom was raised made her a better person in the long run?

CP: My moms parents didn’t raise her wrong but they did the best with what they had. I’m originally from Texas the reason we live up here is because my mom after she had her kids wanted to move away from the lifestyle she had as a kid so we could have a better one up here. Its been a lot better up here. At least from what she has told me.

EB: What would be the best memory with your mom be?

CP: My favorite memory would have to be at every football game no matter what is happening she is always yelling. Even when her voice is going away she will sit down, but even the fan and the parents around her know if something goes wrong “Hey, Cece why aren’t you yelling”. But even after she loses her voice she will get back up and start yelling again I can hear her no matter what. Everyone knows who is yelling. And she cusses a lot which is pretty funny.

EB: What is the most interesting fact about your mom.

CP: She is a very hard worker. Even she she isn’t working she wants too.