Viking Inspiration: Saron Anthony

Ethan Brewer, Reporter


I had the chance to talk about who inspires, sophomore Saron Anthony about who inspires him.

Ethan Brewer: Who inspires you the most?

Saron Anthony: The person that inspires me the most is my grandpa because of the things he has accomplished in his life.

EB: What kind of things has he accomplished?

SA: He has went to Sociology school and he has his PHD. He is retired now. He was also in the army from age 17 to 30.

EB: what was your favorite memory with your grandpa?

SA: My favorite memory with my grandpa was when we went to Arkansas for a kowana club. It is a club that mentors and helps kid succeed in life.

EB: what is some interesting facts about him?

SA: He is 78 years young. He loves cats. He loved to plant/Garden and his cat catches the animals and bring them to my grandfathers door for him to see.