Louder Than A Bomb


Rachel Harvey

Junior Julius Maddox performs his poetry at the Louder Than a Bomb KC competition.

Reilly Wiscombe, Writer

Louder Than A Bomb is a spoken word poetry competition held every year for high school and local poetry groups. West’s LTAB group, sponsored by writers workshop and English teacher Mr. Carter, competed for the second year in a row.

“I love this event not only for the competitive aspect, but also for the chance to hear other poets around the Kansas City area.” Carter said.

After placing second last year at finals, this year’s team had tough competition and lost in the semifinals. The team consisted of five seniors, Dom Allen, Cayla Carruthers, Jordan Hutchcraft, Carly Pennock and Julius Maddox.

During the year, the poets practice their pieces at events such as The Feast open mic night, Beatnik Cafe, Writers walk and starving artists club.