Viking Inspiration #5

Ethan Brewer, Reporter


I had the chance to interview senior, Peter Dring.


Ethan Brewer: Who inspires you he most?

Peter Dring: My two brothers.

EB: Why?

PD: Because, they always did their best in school and never gave up. One of my brothers has a masters and a very good job and my other brother is in the process of getting a PHD. Nothing ever changed them, they were themselves.

EB: Favorite memory?

PD: We would always play with our dog and take it to the dog park.


I had the chance to interview business teacher Mrs. Krewson.


Ethan B: Who inspires you the most?

Mrs. Krewson: My parents inspire me the most.

Ethan B: Why?

Mrs. Krewson: My whole life they taught me to work hard and believe in myself.

Ethan B: What is your favorite memory with them?

Mrs: Krewson: My favorite memory with them is when we took a trip to Mexico with the whole family.