Reading isn’t fun

Isaiah Mckay, Writer

Reading was never something I would devote much time to. As a nine-year-old boy, I would raid the children’s book section at book fairs.

I enjoyed picture books with vivid images and enormous fonts, which made me grow accustomed to not actually reading but skimming. It made it much easier for my eyes to just move fast through text saving loads of time.

As time passed, I would avoid reading at all costs and find other things to entertain my adolescent mind.

Occasionally teachers would make my class do quick reads. I soon became accustomed to teachers saying, “Isaiah! How’d you read that fast?” or “Did you really read that ENTIRE passage?” Someone would always tell the teacher that I skimmed it, then she would force me to read the passage out loud. Then grew my hatred towards reading.

Once middle school hit, summer reading assignments became the new trend. Not only did the assignment include reading a book I had no choice of, but also writing about that book. I was able to skim most of the required books, pick out various details within the story and end the project with great grades. Fortunately, I finished the year off with huge praise from my parents for my surprisingly high grades. It had worked for a while at least.

I didn’t know that in high school reading becomes a task that doubles in time and effort after factoring in annotations, side comments, socratic seminars and extracurricular activities. It was a harsh reality to smack into, but ever since I have it’s become less and less of a daunting task.

Now after almost four years of high school, I try very hard NOT to take the easy way out. Procrastination is one of the simplest ways to avoid feeling overworked. I’m seven months into my senior year and my motivation and drive to get things done is dwindling by the moment. If only there was a proven way to reverse these detrimental side effects.

There is only one fact to realize after reading this.

Reading is never fun but you should do it (because your teachers say so).

You will survive. Read on!