West Wears Purple for Blake


Kelsey Eisenbarger

This past Wednesday, Blake Rohrer, a junior at Blue Valley Northwest was involved in a deadly car accident. With West’s previous experience with loss and grief, students have opted to redirect the support that was given to us during our hard times last school year.

The amount of acknowledgement and care shown by other schools during times of grief has a greater effect than one might think. Students met Friday morning in the Auxiliary Gym to reciprocate the support.

“We decided to have everyone wear purple because we wanted to show the support we received during our tough times,” senior Meredith Clark said.

Students felt the need to wear purple and white, which are the school colors of BVNW, because they know the pain of losing a classmate.

“Last year there were more passings than we could handle or acclimate to. It was such a trying time for us and to see other schools caring about the student body at West. It really put aside any differences.” Senior Isaiah McKay said.

Shawnee Mission West sends their condolences to the Rohrer family, and the students and faculty of Blue Valley Northwest.

Photo by Rachel Harvey