Leap Year Baby


Hannah Miller

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be so unique? Daniel Webb, a ninth grader, knows how it feels. He is one of a kind at our school. Daniel’s birthday is on February 29th which lands on a leap year. This date only occurs every 4 years. Daniel was born in the year 2000 which was three leap years ago.

When Daniel doesn’t get to celebrate on his actual birthday, he celebrates the day before, on February 28th, and the day after, March 1st. On the 28th, he celebrates with his friends and on the first he celebrates with his family. When he gets the exclusive chance to celebrate on his actual birthday he compacts everything into one day from sunrise to sunset.  For his birthday, Daniel likes to go to a restaurant and even an amusement park.

When asked if he enjoys having a leap year birthday he claims, “Yes, I do like it because when people tell me I’m acting like a baby, I can say well yeah, I’m only three?” From that, you can conclude that Daniel actually considers himself to be only three years old. Kids in his grade don’t believe he was actually born on a leap year, although some adults believe him, they just want proof, for instance the year he was born. 2016 is our next leap year so Daniel will be turning 4!