Seminar Honor Pass

Kelsey Eisenbarger

Do you meet these requirements??

  • 3.75 or higher GPA
  • No disciplinary issues
  • No unexcused absences
  • Three or less tardies during 1st semester

If so, you qualify for free travel during seminar.  As we all know, this year, seminar was blocked off into two traveling sessions to decrease the amount of “wandering” students in the halls. While these changes helped the problem, it decreased the amount of teachers that students were able to visit during their seminar time. This created a problem because some students rely heavily on seminar time to get help from teachers, make up tests and finish assignments.

The Seminar Honor Pass will change this requirement. With this new pass, students are able to freely travel and visit as may teachers as needed during seminar.

If you think you qualify for the Honor Pass, fill out this application:

Students may pick up their pass from Mrs. Ryan in the Main Office one week after submission of their request.