Financial Literacy

Alex Sanchez, Writer

One of the best classes to take before graduating at SM West is Financial Literacy taught by Coach Stonner. Financial Literacy is a fairly new class that started with the goal of teaching students how to be smart with money in the future. The class is a semester long class, but many students wish it would be a year long class. When I first picked Financial Literacy as a class I wanted to be in, I had the impression that the class would be about learning about the history of money. However, I would soon learn that I would be wrong and it would be more interesting than what I thought it would be. Coach Stonner likes to show Dave Ramsey videos which are very interesting and educational at the same time. Financial Literacy was one of the best classes that I took junior year and I enjoyed every minute of it. Learning how I could use the money that I would normally use for a snack at QuickTrip and put it in a stock and potentially make thousands off of it in the future was not only mind-blowing but also interesting. A report recently done by Daily Finance on stated that “Seventy of incoming college freshman told us that they have never been taught basic financial literacy skills” which is a very scary thing to think about because many college students take out student loans and open credit cards without having any background knowledge on financial literacy. Even though school started 4 months ago and first semester is almost over, if you don’t know what class to take for second semester or next year, you should sign up for Financial literacy. You won’t regret it.