Trivia Crack Review

Trivia Crack is quickly becoming this week’s trending app.

Juliane Francia

The purpose of the game is to gain coins and reach higher levels. You do this by correctly answering trivia questions. All of the questions fall into six categories: entertainment, art, sports, history, science, and geography. Each category has a cute little character to represent it.

There are two game modes – classic or challenge. In the classic mode, you go head-to-head with another person and win by being the first to collect all of the characters. To collect a character, you spin a rainbow wheel and answer a question that pertains to the category you land on. If you get it right, you must then spin two more times and answer those questions correctly to get the chance to gain another character. If you answer any questions wrong, your turn is over. Confused yet? There is also a section on the wheel that is a crown, but explaining what it does would probably just confuse you even more. It takes a little time to figure out the system, but when you do you’ll be addicted.

The challenge mode allows you to play against multiple opponents at the same time. Challenge mode has no rainbow wheel or characters. You get ten minutes to answer as many trivia questions correctly as you can. The questions are random and come from all six categories. At the end of the ten minutes, whoever got the most right while taking the least amount of time, wins. I’m not quite sure what you win because I’ve never actually won…

You also only have three lives per hour, which means that you are only allowed to start three games each hour. This gets kind of annoying especially when your opponents take forever to play you back.

When I first downloaded this game (last night), I was wowed by the fun colors and animations. I admit I was very confused about how to play for at least an hour, but you learn by doing so that’s just what I did. Once I got past the initial excitement of a new game to play and also the confusion of learning how to play it, the excitement began to ware off. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still fun, but it can be dull at times since you have to wait on another person. It is also rumored to be named Trivia Crack because of it’s addictive quality (get it?). It is definitely a game to download and try for yourself.