Alex Sanchez , Writer

Tsū, (pronounced ‘Sue’) is an up and coming app that is slowly gaining attention for their objective. Their app description reads “Tsū is a free social network that gives the revenues back to you. Instead, we focus on payments. It’s the right thing to do. Share your member url and start building your family tree” on the App Store. Tsū launched October 14th, with a $7 million investment provided by Sancus Capital Prive. Tsū’s goal is to split its ad earnings with the people who download their app, and will only pay those who actually post via Tsū and invite their friends to join as well.

If at this point you’re still confused on how Tsū works, don’t worry. Here is a more detailed description:

Out of all the money that Tsū makes in a day via advertising agencies, Tsū keeps 10% of that money and gives the remaining 90% to active users.  Hypothetically speaking, if Tsū made $1,000,000 in a 24 hour period just through advertising alone. it would be distributed to users who have posted that day, but unequally. Users who have the most views on any amount of posts they made, would get a good amount of money and users who only have one view on their post would get 1 penny, or no money at all depending on how  much money Tsū made that day and how many views a user generated for their post.

This may seem unfair for some, because the one who will benefit the most on this social media site are popular users, such as celebrities like 50 Cent & Carmelo who tested out Tsū and generated over 500,000 views on one single post. For the ordinary person, it can be difficult to truly make any money on the site, but it’s possible. Founder Sebastian Sobczak made it clear that another way of making money on his site is by users inviting their friends to share their original post.

So far I have only made a solid 28 cents, which doesn’t seem like much but for just inviting my friends to use Tsū and only post 6 times, it’s a pretty good amount. This has the potential to become a big hit like Twitter & Facebook, but only time will tell. If you have any tupa or comments about Tsū, please comment below!