College Chaos

Hallie Fitzsimmons

Deciding on college can be an exciting and a nerve racking time. Going on college visits is one of the most fun things about preparing for college. You can narrow down your options or you could fall in love instantly with a campus. Deciding which university is the one where you want to attend in the fall is like a weight lifted off your shoulders. But then there comes the hard part…applying.

Someone once told me that you should pick your university on location, because you will basically get the same college experience anywhere you go.

Applying is definitely the most stressful and time consuming part. Most state colleges do not require an admissions essay, but if you want a scholarship through the school you most likely will need to write one. That is what takes a lot of time and thought into an application. You have to pick what makes you stand out from other applicants. While writing the essay can be tedious, it is what makes or breaks your scholarship, so put some thought into it!

Being accepted is one of the best feelings. Especially when it is your first choice college. While its not that hard to get into in-state schools, it can still be exciting when you receive your acceptance letter. Its hard to describe the feeling, but it is a once in a lifetime thing. You can image your future life and how you can reinvent yourself.

Only you can decide which college is right for you! Everyone wants a different college experience and there is one right college for you! Don’t settle on anything! If you want to go Yale, work hard and go to Yale! If you want to start out and go to JCCC then more power to you! You will probably have less college debt than the rest of us! Whatever you want to do you should do! It might be hard to leave some people behind but you have to leave and be independent for a while. Don’t follow certain people to college if that college isn’t right for you.

You will never have this opportunity again, so take it while you can!