The Nordic Nasties

Reilly Wiscombe

Following a controversial article published in The Epic which states that the football team was losing due to too poor student section participationthe Viking student section had arguably the best outing of the year last week against the Shawnee Mission Northwest Cougars.

“A football team is only as good as their student section…” states the article.

“The article made me unhappy because of the negativity towards the school, but it made me want to cheer louder.” senior Raishaun Younger said.

While the article is not necessarily true, the somewhat unorganized student section had been lacking in noise throughout the year until the article was written.

“The games before last Friday, the student section had been quiet at times and louder at others.” senior running back Tarik Watson said.

Last weeks game showed just how “nasty” the Nordic Nasties can be. With a high level of involvement and attention to the game the student section was consistently loud and hyped up through all four quarters.  The Vikings came away with a blowout win with a final score of 35-10. While the student section isn’t the reason the team won, it certainly helps the players maintain focus and excitement throughout the game.

The student section gave me goosebumps on the sideline. It was easily the best performance by them this year so far.

— senior kicker Alex Sanchez

So rather than be angry about what the article said, lets just say it was a much needed wake up call.