Goodbye GPA

Kelsey Eisenbarger

Google Classroom is ruining my GPA….let me explain:

All throughout elementary, middle and the first 3 years of high school almost everything was on paper. I’d use a planner or make a list of my homework assignments and then put given worksheets or homework assignments in my special “Homework Folder”. That’s the way things worked for 11 years. Then senior year came along…great, my last year of high school and the district throws these little 11 inch macbook airs in our faces and forces us to adapt and use them for academic purposes. This school year is filled with Macbook Mayhem which I absolutely love complaining about.

While the mayhem has settled by almost the end of the 1st quarter…I’m still over here struggling to adjust to doing homework on my laptop and trying not to forget to do my assignments. Things aren’t going well. Everyone seems to be doing just fine with their laptops and they don’t seem to be phased by what I think is a big change.

Google Classroom sends emails to my school email that I NEVER check to remind me to log on to google classroom because some assignment is due at 11:59 that night. Chances are I’m never going to see that email and I probably won’t check google classroom for homework. Sometimes I’m expected to turn an assignment in online AND bring it to class the next day – which is pointless if you ask me. Why does the teacher need both? Pick one. But hey, I’m really good at doing my math assignments because they’re on paper but apparently I suck at spanish because I always fail to turn in my assignments to google classroom on time.

I mean…good for the district, we’re preparing our students for the future of the world with computers and online classes and virtual homework but I’m sorry. I don’t learn like this. I like to write with pencil and paper not type on a Google Form or Doc or whatever its called. I’m good with computers though, I work on Macs in Adv. Video Production everyday and I have no problems, google classroom is just different. I think its dumb but yeah yeah…we’re saving paper. I know the reason behind it I’m just saying: I don’t like it.

If you know me, you’ll probably agree I’m one of the biggest perfectionists you’ve ever met. I ALWAYS turn in my homework and cringe at the thought of having a failing grade anywhere on a progress report. So someone please tell me why I have a D in one of my classes. I have never recieved any grade lower than a B. Google Classroom is ruining my GPA….I just want to turn in my written homework assignment to the tray and mark it off my checklist like I did everyday of my life for 11 years…..but wait thats not the way things role anymore. So goodbye 4.0 GPA, it was a good run.