Another High School Rant

The stress on high schoolers is going unnoticed.

All I hear adults talk about anymore is how busy they are and how easy us “high schoolers” have it.
What they don’t understand is that most high school students have jobs, extracurricular activities, and sports to attend after spending seven hours at school. It doesn’t stop there, after getting home we still have hours of homework to take on.

We may not have to pay bills and worry about children, but in exchange we have to cram for tests and stay up all night writing impossibly long papers.
Many of us have little to no time during the week to just kick back and relax. Its understandable for adults to feel busy and overwhelmed, but once most adults get home they don’t have to worry about their work until the next day and can just chill.

Being in high school can be fun, exciting, and “best time of our lives”; but it can also be extremely stressful and scary.
Hearing your parents talk about their expectations for your future doesn’t help to take the stress off.
All I want is for people to realize how much us high schoolers actually are.