Farewell from a Humble Writer

Today, May 6, 2014, marks the final normal day for Seniors. Coincidentally, today also marks the date of my final story for smwest.com. It’s what they call a “bittersweet moment.” Regardless of my current emotions, it is definitely a turning point in the class. Next year, a new leadership will form and the Juniors will have to step into our shoes. It will doubtlessly be a glorious era for the site, and I look forward to perusing it as a college student, as will our frequent readers, of which there are many.

I would also like to take this opportunity, as I stand on my metaphorical soap box, to thank anyone who read my stories for doing so. Of course, they occasionally fluctuated in impressiveness, but I am quite pleased with the work I’ve done overall.

This will most likely be my last chance to publish any of my writing, so I feel pressured to say something truly incredible and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, I am incapable of such grandeur, so I will simply leave you with a single thought: high school can sometimes seem like a mess, but if you don’t take things too seriously and focus on your work, you can turn it into a good memory instead of a┬ánegative one. Good luck out there.