Senior Snuggle

This morning, countless seniors took to the hallways at precisely 8:25 a.m. central time. With pillows and blankets in hand, they gathered in the intersection below times square and proceeded to lay on the floor tiles, blocking passage in an area that is usually packed with students traveling to their next class. When the bell signaling the end of first block sounded, no one budged.

As underclassmen flooded out of their classrooms, they approached this huddled mass in bewilderment. As more and more students arrived, the frustration levels started to build. Those who dared to cross the sea of seniors were swallowed up; much yelling and chants insued following each victim taken down by this huge senior slumber party. After a solid 12 minute nap (seven minutes into second block), the rowdy seniors dispersed and all was quiet once again.The fiasco caused hundreds to be tardy and even more to be angry. Luckily, no students were injured in the process.

The class of 2014 well definitely be getting a good nights sleep tonight.

sp 8
Seniors look at the attempts made to shove through
Seniors begin to stand up
sp 3
People attempt to make their way through the mess
Senior Kara Humphreys looks confused by the event
About 150 seniors crowded the area blocked the hallways
Seniors refuse to move under Times Square