The Bachelor


As this season of The Bachelor comes to a close, I would like to say a few things.

If you haven’t been watching, Juan Pablo Galavis was the bachelor after competing in last season’s The Bachelorette. He came onto the show with clear intentions that he was trying to find a woman who was right for him and even more importantly, for his daughter Camila.

As the season went on, Juan Pablo’s obsession with Camila got weirder and weirder. Camila seemed to be the driving force in his search of love. He was really searching for a “mommy” for Camila.

All of the women agreed that they would be able to take on the role of Camila’a mother for Juan Pablo if it turned out that way, except for Sharleen Joynt, who told Juan Pablo that she didn’t think she was at that place in her life. And she shouldn’t be, just starting her successful opera career. Instead of respecting her, Juan Pablo tried to convince her to give it all up for him. She eventually chose to go home, knowing he wasn’t the right one for her.

Another woman chose to leave Juan Pablo after making it to the top three and spending the night with him in the Fantasy Suite. Andi Dorfman told cameras that she was so turned off by Juan Pablo that she could not wait to leave in the morning. Andi says that Juan Pablo is “borderline narcissistic.” She told the cameras that during the night, her and Juan Pablo’s discussions focused on mainly on him. He didn’t seem to be interested in her life.

In the finale, Juan Pablo chose between Clare Crawley, a hairstylist from Sacramento and Nikki Ferrell, a pediatric nurse from Kansas City. Both of the women met with Juan Pablo’s family before he made his final decision. While talking with them, it seemed like Juan Pablo’s family were warning both of the women against him. His cousin made it a point to tell them that Juan Pablo usually runs when a relationship gets rough, and his mother told them that he can be offensive at times.

During Clare’s last date with him before the final rose ceremony, they went on a helicopter ride over the island of Saint Lucia. When the helicopter landed and the couple had a moment alone in the helicopter with no cameras or microphones, Juan Pablo whispered something in Clare’s ear. She told cameras later that what he said was disrespectful. She couldn’t repeat the words he used.

The next day, when Juan Pablo told Clare that he had decided to send her home. Claire decided to give him a piece of her mind, because never had Juan Pablo given her any indication that he was not going to choose her. After Clare left, Juan Pablo said to himself, “Phew, glad I didn’t pick her.”

Juan Pablo picked Nikki out of the 27 contestants on this season. He did not propose to her though. He told her that he likes her a lot, and that was that.

They are still together, apparently. And while Nikki has told Juan Pablo that she loves him, he has still not told her, four months after the show. She says she’s happy though.

So now here’s my rant:

I think we can all agree that Juan Pablo was a terrible bachelor. Maybe you had to watch the show to really get a good opinion about it, though.

He was very hypocritical when it came to showing affection towards the women. One woman, Renee, she refused to kiss because he didn’t want her son to see it, and he didn’t want to be a bad example for Camila. Then the next day he would be making out with five different women. It didn’t make sense.

He is very offensive at times and he uses the excuse of being honest and to justify it. He says something rude, but he’s just being honest so it’s okay in his eyes.

He is extremely protective and manipulative at times. On dates he would convince women to do daring stunts they were not comfortable with, like bungee jumping or repelling, by telling them to trust him and that it was all okay. He said things like that too often and it gave me the creeps.

He talked to the women like they were his daughters at times. When they would be in a bad mood or telling him something important, he would tell them that it was okay and that is all. No more conversation that that. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Juan Pablo, it’s not okay.