Netflix Originals


The idea of a show that never airs on television is a bold one, but this is exactly what Netflix started. This experimental venture has proved incredibly successful, however, with their series’ collectively bringing in 14 Emmy nominations. “House of Cards” was responsible for nine of these.

Other of these shows, known as Netflix Originals, include “Orange is the New Black,” “Lilyhammer,” and “Hemlock Grove.” Netflix’s creations are not limited to fiction, however. They’ve uploaded a few documentaries, including a piece following Mitt Romney and his family through his presidential campaign called “Mitt.”

Just the fact that Netflix is able to single-handedly create and distribute several original shows with no additional income from viewers is a testament to their extraordinary success. They have been able to keep their shockingly low price at $7.99 through all of these additions, and their popularity is still growing.

Senior Betty Thomas is a fan of “House of Cards,” and says of the show, “I love how it’s full of political intrigue and how the main character’s name is Francis.”