What Happened This Week?

This week has shown us many things. Leaving us with a new found appreciation for warmth, not only in the school but outside as well. Struggling to stay warm throughout the day was a task in itself, but we’ve finally made it to the weekend. Mission Accomplished!

With that being said here’s a few wild things you must know happened this week.

1. Pop icon Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning, but released on a $2,500 bail. From the previous stunts he has pulled, this seems to follow right along the bad boy path he is walking.


2. The Wanted announced that they’re breaking up. All good things must come to an end, right? The group released a informing us that after their tour they will all be taking personal time to pursue individual solo projects.


3. Hong Kong  billionaire Cecil Chao offers $120 Million for a man to marry his lesbian daughter,  even though she is married, and had been with her wife for seven years before they married.


4. Russian president Vladimir Putin has many gay friends (apparently). He released a statement not only claiming that he is not prejudiced in any way but also justifying the “ban on the propaganda of pedophilia and homosexuality”. Somewhere in this statement he finds a way to mention Elton John and his success as a performer, that is openly gay.


5. The Cosby Show icon Bill Cosby is set to star in a new NBC comedy that will focus on the struggles of parenting. The production is still in development, so I’m guessing its too early for us to imagine those iconic sweaters in HD.