Basketball at its Finest


The time has come at last for GABL. For those unacquainted with this magnificent phenomenon, this stands for the Great American Basketball League. It is a place where those who aren’t quite good enough at basketball to play in any serious sense can show their inner talent. A place where missed shots are meaningless, and half-court shots run rampant. Of course, there are always those who feel the need to try as hard as they possibly can. To these people, a friendly, “Dude. This is GABL,” may be necessary to remind them of where they are.

Other than these rare occurrences, a GABL game is always a gleeful place for players and fans alike. Everyone is urged to come and attend a game or two and show support for those willing to show their abilities. If you are interested, the two senior teams from West are facing off on February 23 at 5:30 at Shawnee Mission East. This is a game that will surely go down in history as the greatest basketball game ever played, so make sure that you will be there to witness it.