New Year, New Goals

Many people use the beginning of a year as a new start to accomplish new goals. Another name for that is a New Years resolution. I asked some students what their resolutions are for 2014.

Katie Streit says “to keep eating paleo! (which consists of no grains or dairy; only fruits, veggies, and meat!)


“Paleo is supposed to help inflammation go down (I have tendinitis in my ankle) and also to be in great shape.

RaiShaun Younger says “to give more to the people in my life.”


“I feel like they’ve given too much for me and I believe I should give back to those people who show they care.”


Samone Jackson says “to get back into shape and work harder.”


“Because it will motivate me and make me feel better about myself.”


Mallory Martin says “be ready for soccer tryouts in March!”


“Well, I had surgery on October 1st for tearing my ACL and it takes 6 months for full recovery, which would be April. Soccer tryouts are March 3rd and I really really want to be ready in time! I asked my physical therapist and she said it’ll be close. So I’m working really hard to get my knee back and fully recovered.”


Coming up with a resolution is a good way to have something to look forward to accomplishing. Set yourself a goal and go for it.