Don’t Be a Grinch

Just as Black Friday came to an end, it seemed as if everyone who didn’t go out to be a part of the madness that day, decided to out do the Black Friday shoppers with their Christmas shopping.

I always imagine Christmas shopping as being enjoyable, with festive lights outside the stores, everyone happy to be out shopping and all of the stores filled with cute little decorations. As much as I wish that’s how it really was, I recently got a rude awakening when I decided to get some Christmas shopping done.

The baby stroller. So yeah, shopping in the mall can get a little crowded, especially around Christmas time, but maybe taking your massive baby stroller around the mall to do some shopping when it’s already hectic enough isn’t the best idea. Fast walking to the other end of the mall, I watched a poor elder woman get trampled by that massive stroller, almost like it happened in slow motion. As the elder woman literally stumbled to the ground, holding her husband’s arm for support, I watched in shock. Without an apology, the woman with the stroller continued her way to a store labeled “MEGA SALE.”

The Sam’s Club return line. Standing in line waiting to return a Christmas present I wasn’t sure about, the line had ended up winding around some end caps, and other displays by the entrance. Looking around at everyone in the store, one particular woman was pushing her cart extremely fast, enough to catch my attention. Still going 100 mph, she brushes up against one of the customers in the return lone and literally snaps one of the buttons off of his coat! What?! She looks down, picks his button up and hands it to him saying, “I think this came off your coat.” And walks off. Off she goes to grab the last box of truffles.

With all of the craziness of the holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in the stupidity of some shoppers. Don’t be that lady with the stroller and try not to think you need the last box of truffles so badly that you’re popping off people’s buttons from their clothes. Remember to leave the greediness behind, give more than you get and just enjoy the holiday season in a relaxing, loving way.