Holiday Games

Many people have gift giving traditions, here are some examples of how you can start one.

  • Sit in a circle with gifts in each person’s hands and play a Christmas song like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and pass the gifts one person to the right every time the song says “Rudolph” or “reindeer.”
  • Secret Santa – Everyone draws a name to give their present to.
  • Everyone buys a gift and sets it on a table. The youngest member of the family chooses a gift to open first. The second youngest then can either choose a new present or steal the one that has already been opened. This goes on until the last person (the oldest) is able to choose which ever present they want or open the last one.

Any of these games can be played with normal gifts, white elephant gifts, ornaments, or whatever else your group decides on. Get your family and friends together and play a gift giving game this holiday season!