Royals Rebuilding Even More

Early on in the offseason the Kansas City Royals are doing some house cleaning and bringing in a bunch of new players to replace the free agents that have left the team.

They have brought over second baseman Omar Infante, outfielder Norichika Aoki, and pitcher Jason Vargas. Free agent pitcher Ervin Santana is still deciding what he is going to do for next season. With these new additions, it seems as though the Royals are going to be real contenders next year in the American League. Kansas City finally did something about their weak second basemen and made a big-time sign of Omar Infante of the Detroit Tigers, getting to him before the Yankees could.

“I think he will be a great pick up for the Royals because he will add a large element of veteran leadership in the dugout,” said SMW junior, Eric Trueblood. They have also declined a deal for Chris Getz, the Royals’ second baseman last season.

The rotation is going to be just as good, if not better than last year with the addition of Vargas, and a more depth infield and outfield is very refreshing. It looks as though Dayton Moore and the Royals staff are doing the right things as of now. Finishing 86-76 last season was a great start, but they look to be a playoff contender this coming year.