Little do you know

UPS package delivery guys (and gals) have it pretty easy, right? All they have to do is walk some packages up to doors, that’s elementary! Little do you know, delivering packages is some serious stuff. After recently acquiring a job as a driver helper for UPS I got a chance to go through the orientation class. I had to learn the ropes, as they say.

Going into it I thought, “what can they tell me about walking a box 20 feet to a front door and leaving?” It’s safe to say I was very surprised. There is more code and conduct for delivering packages then I think I’ve ever seen.

First of all, take a guess at how much those brown trucks cost. What do you think, $20,000? $40,000? Maybe even $50,000? Well you’d be wrong. Those trucks cost upwards of $100,000. Thanks to the unreal amount of tracking and monitoring that is built into the truck. UPS wants to make sure your package is delivered safely and on time. If anything goes wrong they will what happened and when it happened.

You may not think it’s a very high risk job. All you have to do is walk to houses in a neighborhood, not much can go wrong. WRONG! Drivers have had broken legs, broken backs and countless other injuries you never thought could happen. No wonder they stress the use of hand rails on the truck and making sure you have firm footing before stepping out of the truck. UPS delivers no matter what, so going out on ice is a common occurrence. Making sure your firmly planted on the ground could save you from a serious injury.

I could go on for days about the tiny details they put into such a seemingly menial job, but I’ll keep the rest short. You might get fired for having a beard, if necessary you can hit an attacking dog with your package, and lastly; always wear your seatbelt, if you have to get reminded, you may not be asked back.

UPS is looking for driver helpers in the Johnson Country area. Hit up and apply!