Put the Grill Away

How do you get pumped for a football game? Surely not by sitting in your car in the parking lot. As the regular NFL season starts to come to a conclusion, it’s time to focus on Super Bowl XLVIII, and the many new changes.

CEO of the Super Bowl XLVIII Committee, Al Kelly, has made some new changes to the 2014 Super Bowl. For the first time, fans will not be allowed to tailgate prior to the big game. According to an article from ESPN, “You will be allowed to have food in your car and have drink in your car,” Kelly said.

With expecting near 80,000 fans to attend the game and there only being 13,000 parking spots available at the MetLife Stadium, fans are only allowed one parking spot. Also from ESPN, “And provided you’re in the boundaries of a single parking space, you’ll be able to eat or drink next to your car. Seems like a tight “tailgating” space.

Also, transportation arrangements have been changed from other Super Bowl years. Any walking to the stadium is not allowed, including walking from a further parking lot or close hotel which has been done any other years. The Super Bowl committee is offering “The Fan Express”; a $51 bus ride to the stadium that will pick up any fans at nine certain locations around the city. If The Fan Express doesn’t suit your fancy, fans are allowed to drive themselves or take public transportation.

And if you’re thinking about being dropped off by a black car, that also won’t be allowed for the first time. From a sports report, “Nobody’s going to be dropped off by a black car,” Kelly said.

Some of the changes have been implemented for Super Bowl XLVIII because of needing to increase security, but maybe it’s gone a little too far. Sitting in your car to tailgate? Not being able to be dropped off by a black car? No walking to the stadium? Doesn’t sound like the start of a Super Bowl game.

With all the new changes, maybe watching the game form home will be the best option after all.