Xbox One

Microsoft came out with a new Xbox recently. It was released November 22, 2013. It is the third edition to the Xbox family. It has been classified as an “all in one entertainment system”. It is also bundled with the Kinect 2, but definitely isn’t limited to the Kinect. You can watch cable shows on the console, as well as stream Netflix. It allows you to connect cable or a satellite box via HDMI cable. You can also port your, Gamertag, Avatar, and Gamerscore directly from the Xbox 360. The one fallback to the new console, is you cannot use games for the 360. But it does have multi-tasking capabilities, allowing users to pause a game, and go to an app, or another game, etc. It also has a 500GB hard-drive. The console is typically retailed at $500 and can be found at electronic stores, and some supercenters, like Walmart and Target.