Swimming Profile: Nick Bukaty

Winter sports began on Monday at SM West. One of the several winter sports at West is swimming. The coach of the swimming team is Dave Kissack, who is a teacher here at West. They practice after school during the week, and their swim meets are usually on either Thursdays or Saturdays. I interviewed senior swimmer, Nick Bukaty, about his senior season on the swimming team.

Simple question first: How does the team look this year?

This year looks really promising. We have a lot of returning juniors and seniors returning and some underclassmen that show a lot of promise.

What races do you normally swim?

I normally swim the 100 back and the 200 hundred IM which includes all of the strokes.

What do you like about your coach, Mr. Kissack?

Kissack is a really chill guy he doesn’t get up in your face about every little thing and leaves a lot of the work up to us.

How many meets do you have during a season?

I don’t remember how many meets we have but I think its something like 12

Why do you expect to qualify for state?

I hope to qualify for state in the relays and individually for backstroke. Last year I got really close to the qualifying time for backstroke so I’m hoping to start out close to where I ended and make the cut early on.

What has made you to continue swimming?

Swimming is just fun. Its a lot of great guys and a lot of it depends on how hard you work as an individual but things like relays bring the team aspect into the equation

When did you start swimming competitively?

I think I started swimming competitively in 2nd grade with the Lenexa Lazers but plenty of people join the team without a background in swimming and do great.

SM West’s first swim meet is here at West on December 5 at 4 PM.