Miley’s Mayhem

The MTV EMA’s is the European Music Awards. It was recently held in Amsterdam on November 10th. There were performances by Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry along with others. Awards going to Bruno Mars for best song. Best female artist going to Katy Perry, and best male artist awarded to Justin Bieber. Miley was awarded with best video for Wrecking Ball. Miley was one who ¬†stood out most, which is not the first occasion this has happened. She accepted her award for best video. She had a purse with her, she said “Well I can’t fit this [her award] but I did find this.” It was a marijuana cigarette, commonly referred to as a “joint” This sparked much controversy. She did later admit, that it was indeed marijuana. Claiming “It’d be funny” and “the fans would love it.” Some people thought this was outrageous, especially considering the illegal nature here in the United States. Although in Amsterdam, and some other European countries it is considered decriminalized. The EMA’s were held in Amsterdam though, so technically, Miley was not doing anything illegal. This still concerns parents as to what she may be teaching their children. Whereas other fans of hers, agreed it was indeed, very funny. Either way, she’s caught the media’s eye once again, and will probably not be the last time.