Deadly Midwest Tornadoes

Many towns in the Midwest, in the vicinity of Illinois and Indiana, acquired major storms to them earlier today, Sunday, November 17. These storms included tornadoes, flash floods, and hail. Across the state of Illinois, five people were killed by this storm. These storms caused the NFL game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens to be postponed for over two hours on this day.

According to, 70 homes were destroyed in two communities, as was said by a director of Emergency Management in Illinois. Houses in a neighborhood in Washington, Illinois, had their furniture launched into their lawns and their cars were destroyed by the twister. Just over 15,000 people live in the area of Washington, IL, located in the county of Tazewell, in the middle of Illinois.

Fans at Soldier Field during the football game were told to leave the stands to find shelter. Some of them stayed and went to the underground concourse in the stadium. The game resumed after the storm blew by, and the Bears defeated the Ravens in overtime, 23-20. But, as the storm passed, states such as Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee were put on alarm by this tragedy.

There were 11 reported tornado touchdowns in Illinois and Indiana. Six trucks 80 miles west of Chicago overturned on the highway, according to While the major damage took part in Washington, IL, Kokomo, IN, was hit just as bad. A mall, bank, and a fire station were torn apart due to this disaster. Schools there are canceled for tomorrow. As the primary time for tornadoes is in the spring, it was a strange outbreak of some at this time of the year.