2nd Place Robotics

During the fall, Robotics particpates in a tournament to help them prepare for their largest tournament during the Spring. I talked to Senior Chris Whitlock about Robotic’s most recent success.

Q: Robotics just went to the Cowtown Throwdown tournament. Can you tell me a little about it?
A: Yeah, Cowtown Throwdown was a tournament where other Robotics teams from other schools compete. This year it was at Lee Summit High and there were about 48 other teams there.

Q: I heard Robotics made it to the finals. What place did you guys end up placing?
A: We were second place.

Q: What all did you guys do at the tournament?
A: All of the teams were put together in groups and the teams within the groups competed with each other, so the winning team from each group played other winning teams. We play a game against eachother and each game has either two or three matches in them.

Q: How does Robotics prepare for tournaments like this?
A: We prepare our robot, get it in best condition, and make sure it’s ready to compete.

Q: How do you guys choose what to build as your robot?
A: In January, the people in charge of the tournament announce the task that the robots have to perform and then we have a six week build season. It’s usually a translation of regular sports, like one year the theme was soccer, basketball. This year it was frisbee.

Q:What does Robotics have to do in able to go to these tournaments?
A: Every year we have to raise $5,000 from fundraising and sponsors.

Q: Who are some of your sponsors?
A: Santa Fe Body Shop, we even had Penney’s sponsor us at one point. We usually get stickers and other stuff from our sponsors and put them on our robots. It shows other people who we’re sponsored by.

Q: What was your favorite part about participating in the Cowtown Throwdown?
A: The finals. They get really tense.