Netflix Chronicles


On days that I’m feeling antisocial and have absolutely nothing to do, I turn to NETFLIX. If for some odd reason you’ve been living under a rock and clueless to what Neflix is, let me enlighten you. Netflix is the easiest way to watch your favorite shows and movies. You can access Netflix by various game consoles (Wii, PS3, Xbox, etc.), popular software platforms (Microsoft, OS, Android, iOS, etc.), and many other devices. For an entire list of Netflix streaming devices click here. Netflix costs $7.99/mo, which I believe is appropriate for the excellent service you receive. It offers movies for the entire family including children, adults, and even us!¬†I personally love the appearance of Netflix. Mainly because it is very sleek and looks really current.

The best thing about watching TV shows on Netflix, is that you can watch them episode after episode… no waiting! They have a HUGE selection of movies and shows that cater to all. It is also broken down by genre, so if you are specifically looking for laughs you can go to the comedy section. Once you watch something, they create a similar movie playlist off of the movie or show you watched. Another great thing about Netflix is that you can access it anywhere! ¬†Since I’m being honest I need to tell you that if you get Netflix, you will probably lose your social life. It does tend to get pretty addictive especially if you come across a new favorite show, which is bound to happen.


Current TV series:

-Walking Dead

-Orange is the New Black



– You might go through a tragic period in which you’ve finished an entire series and now you’re clueless as to what to watch next.

– You also might end up watching an entire season of a show with a couple of days, like me.

– If it sounds good, watch it!


If you are reading this you probably think that I have no social, well that’s partially true.

Hope that your venture to the Netflix World brings much excitement.