Twitter’s View on PS4/Xbox One

If you ever thought that social media wasn’t helping in determining whether to buy a product, cast those doubts away now! Twitter is a perfect tool in order to see how others like the product and the fun features.


A new study from Leadsift, social media analysts, shows that the highly anticipated Sony game system will be favored over the also highly anticipated Microsoft game system, Xbox One. Here is the info-graphic that Leadsift published.


These results show that 253,182 people tweeted about the upcoming Playstation 4, but only 145,574 people tweeted about the Xbox One. Out of 12,210 people… 63% intend to buy the PS4, 35% intend to buy an Xbox One, and 17.5% were comparing the two. Xbox One had 2x the negative mentions on twitter than the PS4.


**Random Statistic:  People looking to buy XboxOne/PS4 are 2x less likely to be married than other consumer electronics.