Poets at KATE Conference

Seniors Jordan Tyler, Erick Sierra, Eli Southwick, and Brianna Cole traveled to Wichita last Friday for the KATE (Kansas Association of Teachers of English) conference. The conference was for English teachers in Kansas, and a luncheon was also held during the event. During the luncheon the four seniors performed two poems each for the teachers. Afterward, the poets sat down with some of the teachers to promote Creative Writing or “Writer’s Workshop” classes, similar to the class here at West. They explained the orientation of it and what is most important for an English teacher interested in teaching a creative writing class.

“I performed “September 23” and “Basic Means of our Being”, it was a good experience, and we got good feedback from the teachers” -Jordan Tyler

“We explained how it’s not really the teacher that makes the class, it’s the students, the only thing the teacher really needs to do is establish a trust. A teacher also asked the four of us to come to Topeka to perform at their high school, it’s like we’re making a movement” -Brianna Cole

The conference was a success, and was an enjoyable experience for all. It also was a step in the right direction to promote Writer’s Workshop classes to more people than just the West Community.