Lip Sync 2013 : A Night to Remember


Martin Higgins “pours some sugar” on Jacob Overholtzer in the ’14 boys performance.

After quite a lively show at Lip Sync 2012, expectations were set high for the coming school year. Amid the laughter and joyous applause following that night everyone wondered what the class of ’14 could bring to the table at Lip Sync 2013. I think it’s safe to say, they brought plenty. Six out of the shows ten acts consisted of all seniors, along with performances from the dance team, a few faculty, some siblings, and even a freshman. Over 400 people packed the auditorium to enjoy “the best Lip Sync yet.”

The Miley Cyrus disciples kicked off the show sending us back to the future by combining 90’s pop music with their eccentric Miley Cyrus-esque dance moves.

They were followed by a solo performance by Senior Madison Gabrielle Lane who wowed the crowd with her self-choreographed dance compilation.

Next on the lineup was “Blast from the Past”, a special duet by none other than Video Production teacher Kelly Gill and long-time friend, the Comanche Elementary principal, Steve Loe. Their comical rendition of songs such as, Total Eclipse of the Heart, and Sweet Caroline had the crowd LOLing and ROFLing throughout the act.

The ’14 girls were up next. As Betty Thomas danced alone on the stage surely the crowd was a bit confused. But just as soon as the confusion set in it was quickly washed away as over 20 senior girls ran from the back of the auditorium and joined her on stage for a delightful, candy-filled performance.

They were followed by freshman Jesse Parsons who bravely performed his own solo act. He did a tribute to the Kim Possible character Senor Senior Junior.

Next up were The Wilson Brothers. Jonathan and Michael Wilson entertained the masses with their lip sync to “Ladies of the World” by¬†Flight of the Conchords.

After the applause settled the varsity dance team took the stage with their hip-hop dance. Dubstep, backflips, and even an impressive kick up by junior Perry Steinman kept the crowd laser focused on one of the best dance team routines of all time.

Madison Lane came back out with another performance. A duet with surprise guest Howard Thomas. Their excellent choreography and near perfect execution led to much deserved praise from the crowd.

First there was the Dream Team. Then there was the Redeem Team. This year there was the Regime Team. Senior football players kept the crowd rolling with their money-throwing, hip-twerking performance to a compilation of songs that you just gotta dance to.

The Regime Team set the bar high for the final performance of the night. The ’14 boys took the stage to close out Lip Sync 2013. Highly choreographed and excellently performed these boys left it all on the stage. Yielding a standing ovation from the whole audeince, it was an excellent way to close out the night.

Lip Sync 2013 was a huge success. Thanks again to all who participated and all those who came to support. I am genuinely sorry if you could not make it, but don’t fret! pictures and video will be here soon. Stay tuned.