The West Way Store

Every Friday during the school year, the Cadet Teaching students run a West Way Store on the bridge during all lunches. The West Way Store is a place where students who have received  West Way tokens can turn them in for food, pop, parking passes, and t-shirts.

You can earn West Way tokens by helping out teachers and showing random acts of kindness throughout the building. Examples would be helping a teacher hang posters in their room, helping someone who has dropped their stuff in the hallways on their way to class, delivering passes for a teacher, or anything that goes beyond the teachers expectations.

The West Way Store is a good motivator for students to do the right thing, in hopes of receiving a token. It helps the Cadet Teaching students apply the social skills they have learned in class. Along with applying social skills it’s a good time for the students in the class.

“It’s a way to let the kids interact with others, but it also teaches them ‘store’ kind of lessons,” Says Senior Alex Elliott

The West Way Store was started by PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) to help students choose to do the right thing for a token, instead of ignoring the problem. It helps students make choices that would help others.