Thoughts on Writer’s Walk

This year’s Writer’s Walk was more than successful! It was an amazing day with lots of wonderful poetry. I interviewed a few different people that were apart of the magic to see what they had to say.

(condensed interview with Mr. Carter, Writer’s Workshop teacher)

Myah: “So, Mr. Carter, what were your thoughts on this year’s Writer’s Walk?”

Carter: “It was special, I think what stood out to us [Writer’s Workshop teachers] was the fact that poetry was at the center of everything we did. There were a couple moments, we were out there, under the tree, the sun was shining. Everyone was surrounding the dramatic readings. I felt like I was transported somewhere really, really special. It was a really unique writer’s walk.”

Myah: “What did you enjoy most about it?”

Carter: “The day itself, and just being able to get into the flow of each block, and experiencing it with the students.”

Myah: “Is there anything you would change for upcoming years?”

Carter: “That’s a tough one, the students really individualize writer’s walk. Not all the booths will carry over, it’s just what that year’s writer’s workshop classes bring to the table that year. ┬áThere’s this individual creativity that comes with it each year.”


(Interview with Jordan Hutchcraft, dramatic reader.)

Myah: “What’d you think of this year’s writer’s walk?”

Jordan: “I thought it was amazing, it definitely highlighted the better parts of our art program. It was awesome to raise money for Out of Hand and premiere the Writer’s Workshop Classes.”

Myah: “Was there a part that you contributed to?”

Jordan: “I performed for my first time, it was awesome, everyone did great! I’m glad I could contribute!”


“I think [writer’s walk] is really fun and educational for those who aren’t in Writer’s Workshop, and don’t know the magic that’s happening. It’s really nice to hear what people have on their minds and the emotions that they carry everyday.” -Isaiah McKay, Junior.