NAHS with Taylor

I sat down with our painting teacher Ms.Taylor to discuss NHAS and the activities it includes.

Q:NAHS… what’s it about?

A: National Art Honors Society is based on art related community service. We have monthly meetings. The meetings usually consist of ideas and projects the group does for the community.

Q: How many members?

A: We have 34 members and the introduction ceremony will be held in the gallery at the end of March. Our president is Andy Gottschalk.

Q: What kind of community service have you done/planned for the year?

A: We always hold the gallery receptions, every year we try to do some kind of project for retirement homes, we are currently working on coloring books for the special needs program at west, also we made over 200 ghosts for the safe Trick or Treat.

Q: How would you describe NAHS?

A: We are a very structured group and kind of a unique little family.

Q: Who sponsors NAHS?

A: I am the only sponsor for NAHS. No other art teachers participate usually. To qualify to be a sponsor I had to join the Kansas Art Association.