A Scrutiny of Sleep

A Scrutiny of Sleep
                The phrase “you need your nine hours” is thrown around a lot by parents, but how often are high school students adhering to this advice? According to the National Sleep Foundation, only 15% of teens sleep 8 1/2 hours or more on week nights.
                Although some may spend their nocturnal hours watching television or playing video games, many have viable excuses for not getting a healthy amount of sleep. There are few students who do not have regular after-school activities, whether they be sports, religious engagements, or jobs. These things, albeit very important, fill precious hours of the day, making the completion of homework a near impossibility.
                When asked to address this issue, Senior Nick Bukaty said, “During swim season, after practice and eating, I usually have to start my homework at seven or eight. This gives me almost no time for leisurely activities, so when I should be sleeping, I sometimes watch Netflix instead.”
                Even though getting  a couple fewer hours of sleep may not seem very dire to most, there are several consequences that can result from even slight sleep deprivation. These include irritability, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, and even increased skin problems, such as acne.
                To avoid these issues, a good night’s rest should be a priority. As a student, you must schedule your time in order to fit in everything important, even if it means postponing fun for the weekend. This way, you can please your parents and always get your nine hours.