Students Participate In Car Smash

Tonight, StuCo hosted the first Car Smash at Westridge Middle School.

Students donated cans and money in order to hit the spray painted car with a sledge hammer. One can was equal to two hits and fifteen cans gave students the chance to wreck the car for a minute.

The Car Smash took place before the Varsity soccer game in order to get the students excited for the game.

Meredith Clark, member of the Executive Board, helped organized the event.

“My favorite part about the Car Smash was seeing everyone there so excited to bring cans and money for a good cause and to kick off our canned food drive,” Clark said.

Students enjoyed destroying the car that read “BEAT NORTH”. Every hit was done for a great cause and also gave the students a thrill.

“I definitely can see more car smashes in the future. I think it really gets the students excited for events,” Clark said.