Chipotle Vs. Freebirds

This rivalry has been a common argument within the last year. The question, Chipotle or Freebirds? Both delicious, but which one is truly best? Well to start, lets talk about the ambiance of each. Chipotle has a sleek look, very clean without too much extra decorations. Has a nice, low lighting along with outdoor seating. Freebirds also has both outdoor and indoor seating. The look of the restaurant has lots of pizazz and decorations, along with statues, etc. coming out of the walls, definitely appealing to the eye. Both have extensive menus, both with burritos as the main feature. Chipotle you have a choice of burrito, or burrito bowl. With a choice of steak, chicken, carnitas, or a vegetarian option. Freebirds has the same choices of meat, but 3 options of tortillas, and chipotle only has flour tortillas. Both have 2 selections of rice, but Freebirds has one extra selection of cheese which is a mixture of cheese. Both have a couple different options of salsa’s, Chipotle’s being slightly more spicy, but that’s just personal preference ¬†as to if you like a more mild, or a hotter salsa. Most other toppings are comparable between the two, but Freebirds offers lime juice which is a nice addition. Prices at Freebirds are slightly higher, but only about a 50 cent difference. Both are great restaurants, but I personally like Freebird’s a little more, better flavor and more variety. Both are definitely worth a try if you haven’t had them before!