Two Divisions, One Champion

Starting in the 2014 football season, the Sunflower League will be split into two divisions. This change was voted on and passed by the Sunflower League school principals.

In the regular football season, high school teams are only allowed to play 9 games before playoffs. This isn’t a problem other then there are 12 teams in the sunflower league, which means not all the teams play each other. Shawnee Mission school will split 3 into one division, and the other 2 in the second division.

“The first game is up to the school, the next 5 games will be assigned by the Sunflower League according to division, and the last 3 games will be district games,” Don Perkins, Shawnee Mission West Athletic director, says.

There will still only be one champion in the Sunflower League. This is only applicable to football, no other sports.