GTA V : Game of the Hour


Jonathan Wilson

Grand Theft Auto V, the newest addition to the Grand Theft Auto videogame series, was released worldwide earlier this week. The game is centered on making money, “capturing the almighty dollar.” Money is the main theme of the game. It is set in Los Santos (the game developer’s take on Los Angeles. Decisions you make during the game determine the outcome at game’s end. After making $800 million in its first 24 hours, GTA V is the fastest selling game in the series and is on the verge to becoming the fastest selling game ever. Senior Jaconb Overholtzer has the game for Playstation 3 and gave his take on this instant hit.


“It’s an awesome game”, Overholtzer says, “It has an incredibly diverse world that you can see from three different viewpoints. It’s the most violent and crude of GTA ever. It’s very satirical and is constantly making fun of consumerist America in a variety of ways.”


As with any new game there were improvements from previous games in the series. Overholtzer gives us a look into some new features of GTA V.


“There are tons of new cars and even airplanes you can drive. Every mission is different and you never know what to expect. The heists get increasingly awesome and difficult throughout the game. You won’t get bored playing it, it’s all so paced.”


Grand Theft Auto V does not disappoint. With epic record sales and an equally epic plot to back them, GTA V will have you entertained for years.