Arabic Club

Kaylyn Olson

Miss.Hasan is the Arabic teacher at Shawnee Mission South. West has the wonderful opportunity to have her as an Arabic teacher here too. She also comes to West on Thursdays at 3:15 for Arabic Club. This is the second year the club has been at West. The club gets together and plans fun events and learns more about the Arab world.

“We have a homecoming float, go to dinners, participate in the Arabic festival, and we also work with the international club,” Hasan said.

The first club meeting for this year was on Thursday, September 5th and they had about 7 students that showed up. Last year, they had approximately 15 members. Miss. Hasan hopes more people will keep showing up and become more interested in the Arab community.

“Knowing Arabic helps understand the world of the unknown and it is the 5th most spoken language. It also helps learn the culture and connect with the Arab world,” Hasan said.