Skyler Stuke, Writer

Another season at last!!! The Shawnee Mission West Soccer team is looking forward to a great season. Coach Gordon Wetmore is in his 28th season as head coach. They have strong senior class of 10 boys and have underclassman looking for there chance to shine. Coach Wetmore was asked some questions about this coming season and how he got interested in soccer:


What are your expectations for this season? 

The boys are building a team of players who have never played together before this August. We need to come together as soon as possible while playing a tough schedule. There is good enthusiasm on the Varsity squad. We are still putting together the best lineup we can produce. I believe our realistic goal is to achieve .500 in the League and Overall schedule.


How did you learn your skills about soccer? 

I played any sport I could play. I loved playing soccer because it challenged my skills without using my hands. I did, however, most love playing goalkeeper where I could use my hands and feet. We didn’t have club teams in the “dark ages” and I played a lot of pick up soccer. I played some High School soccer but graduated from a High School in 1973 which had no soccer program.


Did you want to be a coach since you were a kid?

No, I wanted to be a professional athlete. Since I wasn’t good enough, I became a professional coach.


What would you want to say to the senior class? 

The seniors are working hard to demonstrate leadership skills. They need to continue to be the hardest working players who want to make the rest of their team better.


What would you want to say to the underclassman? 

Out work the Seniors and create a good competitive and encouraging team atmosphere.