Varsity Football Players Visit Comanche

Rashaun Owens, a captain of the football team, accompanied other players to an elementary school in order to visit the younger students. There, the players were able to talk to the students and encouraged them to do their best in school.

Q: Which elementary school did you visit and why?

A: I visited Comanche Elementary. When I was a kid I went there so I thought it would be cool to show the kids that I came from the same school.

Q: How did it feel to walk the halls of the school knowing you were once in that same place?

A: It felt amazing, I could honestly say I had the biggest smile on my face that day.

Q: Were the kids appreciative of your visit?

A: Yes, the kids were very appreciative of our visit, it funny how all their faces lit up when we walked into the gym.

Q: How do you think the visit impacted yourself and the little kids?

A: This visit showed  the kids how someone can come from the same school and play football but also keep up with their grades. As they get older and become more mature, they can do it too.