All-Star Graduate Fights Off Two Muggers

Brianna Cole

Brett Sterbach proved to be a threat on the football field last year. With 2,228 yards and state ring under his possession, Sterbach showed football enthusiasts throughout Kansas he was a force to be reckoned with.

Two muggers from Topeka clearly did not get the memo.

Sterbach was returning from the Kansas Shrine Bowl, an all-star football game at Washburn University. Sterbach was with his family when they stopped at a Phillips 66 located in Topeka.

While Sterbach’s family went into the gas station, he proceeded to stay inside of the car and talked to a friend on the phone. Two men went up to his window then knocked on the glass and asked for a lighter.

Sterbach opened the door and as soon as he did, one of the men pulled out a three inch knife aimed at his ribs and demanded for all of his money. Sterbach then told them he did not have any money so they told him to give up his phone.

Sterbach made the choice to fight back against his muggers.

Sterbach tried to put his phone in his pocket while the knife was near his ribcage. He then pushed the knife downward to keep away from his vital organs. While doing so, the mugger pushed the knife forward towards Sterbach’s leg.

“I didn’t even feel it go in,” said Sterbach.

Sterbach began to wrestle the attacker and the second mugger hit him in the head. Then, Sterbach stabbed the first mugger in the abdomen.

Sterbach then stabbed the second mugger about five times in the collar bone area.

The attackers began to flee and Sterbach chased them approximately 20 ft. around the gas station and one of the men appeared to be pulling something from his hoodie. This led Sterbach to believe it was a gun.

Sterbach went back the the scene where everything took place and asked a woman who was pumping gas if she had seen anything.

He then went inside the gas station with a bloody leg wound and the knife still in his hand.

Sterbach’s mother, Julie, then told the gas attendant to call 911.

Although Sterbach’s gutsy actions didn’t leave him severely hurt, he doesn’t recommend anyone else to fight back.