The Best Language Teacher in Kansas


Matthew Hoskins

As if this doesn’t happen enough, we have yet another reason to take pride in our school. Kris Scheuerman, West’s only German teacher, was recently named the 2013 Kansas World Language Teacher of the Year by The Kansas World Language Association.

He was nominated without his knowledge by Ms. Carter over the summer. Ironically, he was with her, and a few other teachers, when he received the e-mail saying that he won. He was somewhat confused and caught completely off guard, but when everything was explained, he was very excited. He said, as he looked back on this notable bestowal, “I’m extremely honored to even be considered as one of the best world language teachers in Kansas.”

Even before it became official, many students already believed Scheuerman to be the best language teacher, and his class has become the favorite for many. Rachel Braun, who is currently in German 4, said of Scheuerman, “He makes it a priority when teaching to keep the class engaged.”

Many of those in his classes have gotten to know Mr. Scheuerman quite well over the past few years, and some even went with him to Germany over the summer. All of his students can feel good knowing that for four years of high school, they can be taught by the best German teacher in the entire state. But even with this impressive recognition, he is still that down-to-earth and personable guy who has earned his spot as countless students’ favorite teacher.